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Buckaroo Apples Print - Wenatchee Washington Label

BUCKAROO Apples, Mojonnier and Sons Inc. Wenatchee, Wash.; Wild West scene in Eastern Washington shows rodeo like scene on the high desert with mesas in the background; Dramatic image of bucking horse and rider includes finely detailed saddle, spurs and even the horse blanket. Some believe this rider is a woman. This is the uncut version with the "Apple" mark. Some Buckaroo labels had been cut down to fit a pear box and usually have a "Pear" stamp. Notice that the horse is bucking out of the picture frame with all four hooves visible. This is the "One Volume Bushel" full frame, uncut variety of the Buckaroo label. A similar "40 Pound" uncut variety is also often found. Schmidt L. Co., Portland, Oregon; 10 x 8 inches;

Buy British Apples Print - British Columbia Canada Label

BUY BRITISH BRAND Canadian Apples; The Worlds Finest from British Columbia; features crossed flags and an Empire Logo; Shipped by Duthie and Co., Inc., Vernon, B.C. Canada. Smith Litho. Co., Vancouver; 10 x 8 inches;

Canadian Apples Print - British Columbia Canada Label

CANADIAN APPLES Packed and shipped by McLean and Fitzpatrick Limited; Kelona, Oliver and Osoyoos, B.C., Canada; Three colorful apples with leaves and branch; fancy scroll work edging; 10 x 9 inches;

Chief Seattle Apples Print - Seattle and New York Label

CHIEF SEATTLE Wenatchee Valley Apples, Packed for Beacon Trading Company, Seattle and New York, U.S.A., Net contents when packed 40 LBS. Full sized bust of this famous Native American Indian; the glow from a large red apple illuminates the Chief's uplifted face as he considers the health benefits of an apple a day. A colorful old stone lithograph; 10 3/8 x 8 5/8 inches;

Colonel's Pride Apples Print - Round Hill Virginia Label

COLONEL'S PRIDE Mountain Grown Apples, Hill High Orchards, Round Hill, VA., U.S.A. Virginia Apples for Flavor; two varieties of red apples with leaves on blue background; 10 x 8 inches;

Columbine Colorado Apples Print - Cedaredge Colorado Label

COLUMBINE Colorado Apples; Palmer and Company, Cedaredge and Paonia, Colorado; Two Columbine flowers with blossoms attempt to land on a nice big red Colorado apple. The Columbine is Colorado's State Bird. 10 x 8 inches;

Congdon Refrigerated Apples Print - Yakima Washington Label

CONGDON Refrigerated Apples, Grown and Packed by Congdon Orchards, Inc., Yakima, Wash. Growers often styled their labels after that nearest their heart; such as their farm, daughter, dog or wife. There is no record as to whether this giant ice cube with the hidden and frozen prize forever out of reach refers in any way to the wife. 10 x 8 inches;

Dainty Maid Apples Print - Wenatchee Washington Label

DAINTY MAID Apples, Contents 40 LBS. NET, Cubical Contents 2173.5 Cubic Inches; Distributed By H.S. Denison and Co., Wenatchee, Washington; Cute little blond and blue eyed girl in a pink dress has already eaten her apple a day but didn't smear her lipstick doing it. Circa 1920's; 10 x 8 inches;

Dainty Maid Apples Print - Wenatchee Washington Label

DAINTY MAID Washington Apples, Contents one U.S. Bushel by Volume; Distributed by H. S. Denison and Company, Wenatchee, Washington; This happy little girl is all dressed up and ready for school; ribbons in her hair and a cute little green sweater. This is "Babs" as that is the name embroidered on her fancy collar; the bright red apple she holds is no doubt for her teacher. Circa 1930's/1940's; 10 x 8 inches;

Delicious Fruits Apple Print - Maysville Kentucky Label

DELICIOUS FRUITS Quality Apples from the Hills of Kentucky; Orchards in St. Paul, KY and Office in Maysville, KY. Large red apple displayed against yellow apple on blue background; 10 x 8 inches;

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