These vintage crate labels vary in size (see description) and come framed in copper and glass. They're complete and ready for wall hanging.
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All American Apples Print - Yakima Washington Label

ALL AMERICAN Brand, Northwest Apples; Distributed by the C. M. Kopp Company, Sales Office, Yakima, Wash., Net Weight 40 Pounds; Red, White and Blue American Flag Shield with All American banner across the front; Lehmann Litho., San Francisco, California; 10 X 8 inches;

Apple Kids Washington Apples Print - Yakima Washington Label

APPLE KIDS Washington Apples, Cowiche Growers Inc., Cowiche, Wash.., Sales Office, Yakima, Wash.; two young boys push and pull a giant apple up a steep, wild flower covered slope; a sling shot protrudes from the pocket of the first boys' patched jeans; an icy mountain rises dramatically from the forest in the background; Stecher Traung, San Francisco, California; 10 X 8 inches;

Apples Duthie Print - Portland Oregon Label

APPLES Distributed by Duthie and Company, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.; produce of U.S.A., net weight 40 LBS.; This is the Classic Duthie crate label from the early part of the last Century featuring deeply colored stone lithographed reds and blues; apples, leaves and branches are framed with detailed Victorian Portcullis corners; Traung Label Company, Seattle; 10 x 8 inches;

Aussie Fancy Apples Print - Tasmania Australia Label

AUSSIE Fancy Apples, Grown in Tasmania, Australia; Seal of Quality; nice map of Australia showing detailed coastline; Tasmania is the large island broken away from the land mass beneath the Eastern coast; four of their excellent apples are shown against the deep blue of the sea; 10 x 8 inches;

Autumn Glow Apples Print - Yakima Washington Label

AUTUMN GLOW Washington State Apples, Frank Hough and Co., Yakima, Wash., U.S.A.; Artistic fall sunrise in Eastern Washington State; Ridgway Litho. Co. Seattle; 10 x 9 inches;

Beautiful Isle Apples Print - Tasmania Australia Label

BEAUTIFUL ISLE, Fancy Tasmanian Apples, Australia; H. Jones and Co., Pty. Ltd., Tasmania; a cartoon like coastal scene displaying apple orchard and ranch homes bordering the sea, a sailboat considers beaching itself for the sake of a bushel of apples; Cox Kay Print; 11 x 8 ;

Blue C Cashmere Apples Print - Wenatchee Washington Label

BLUE "C" Brand, Cashmere Apples, Dow Fruit Company, Main Office, Wenatchee, Wash.; A giant blue letter "C" illustrates that deep old blue color we all love while a deep red apple does the same for the color "red". Tucker Hanford Co., Seattle Litho.; 9 x 8 inches;

Blue Flag Apple Print - Watsonville California Label

BLUE FLAG Brand, Pajaro Valley Apples; Fancy Quality; Shipped by Gilmore and Copeland, Watsonville, California. "Guaranteed by the Packer to Comply with Standard Apple Act. 1917. Old fashioned blue flag standard on red background; 1920's West Coast label; Olsen Litho. Co., San Francisco; 10 3/8 x 9 3/8 inches;

Blue Mountain Apple Print - Wenatchee Washington Label

BLUE MOUNTAIN, Apples; Shipped by Mojonnier and Sons, Inc., Wenatchee, Wash.; This older variety shows the Blue Mountains of Eastern Washington in a realistic setting of orchard and forest. Wrapped fruit in the foreground displays two varieties of heirloom fruits, a yellow apple and a red apple. 10 x 8 inches;

Blue Winner Apple Print - Okanogan Washington Horse Label

BLUE WINNER, Okanogan Valley Apples, Grown and Packed by Okanogan Growers Union, Okanogan, Washington, U.S.A.; Dramatic scene of Rodeo Cowboy leaning from his trusty steed at a full gallop to pick up a bright red apple; This Buckaroo has lost his Stetson in the process. Both horse and rider show nicely detailed accoutrements. Rodeo stands are full of spectators in the background; an American Flag flies in the distance; 10 x 9 inches;

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