These Vintage Fruit Lug Box Labels are approximately 4 1/2 x 13 inches, and come
framed in copper and glass. They're complete and ready for wall hanging.
All items shown are in stock at this time.

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Royal Tiger Tokay Grapes Print - Lodi California Label

ROYAL TIGER California Irrigated Flame Tokay grapes, R.A. Richards, Lodi, California; Fine Art piece of Bengal Tiger crouched in a grassy area; early 20th Century.

Silver Clipper Airplane Print - Exeter California Label

SILVER CLIPPER, Exeter Fruit Association, Exeter, California; early passenger airplane A. Carlisle and Co. Lithograph.

State Center Grapes Print - Fresno California Label

STATE CENTER California grapes, Paul A. Mosesian and Sons, Main Office, Fresno; beautiful garland of California Poppies encircles gilded map of California; three different varieties of grapes with leaves form background; Lehmann Litho, San Francisco.

State Pride Grapes Print - Fresno California Label

STATE PRIDE California Grapes; Similar to State Center, Red background.

Stock Label #7082 Avocado Print - San Francisco California Label

Stock Label #7082 Louis Roesch Lithograph Co., San Francisco; Two Farm workers pick and load avocados into wooden trays, a ladder leans against one of the many trees shown in this pleasant orchard scene; large avo' shown at right.

Stock Label #8038 Grapes Print - San Francisco California Label

Stock Label #8038, Louis Roesch Co., San Francisco, California; Scenic vineyard, view of mountains and clouds; Grower stands amongst his grape vines showing off a large flat of blush colored grape bunches.

Sunset Zinfandel Grapes Print - Fresno California Label

SUNSET Zinfandel Grapes, Joseph Gazzara, 1270 Linden Avenue, Fresno, California, Phone 2-5412, wine grapes; dramatic setting sun over blue green mountains; This is the older version of this label.

Trade-Win Fruit Ship Print - Los Angeles California Label

TRADE-WIN American Fruit Growers, large sailing ship takes advantage of the trade winds, all sheets to the wind; Los Angeles, California; Western Lithograph Co., 1943;

Tulare Chief Fruit Print - Cutler California Label

TULARE CHIEF California Produce, Tamouzian Bros., Cutler, California; American Indian Chief, Native American in elaborate beaded and feathered head dress seems pleased to be presenting fruit raised by an Armenian immigrant; Porcupine quills around his neck do not seem to dampen the mood.

Valley Queen Wine Grapes Print - Exeter California Label

VALLEY QUEEN Almeria Grapes, C.D. Pruner, Exeter, California; Victorian Queen, crown festooned with wine grapes, low cut gown; Traung label company, San Francisco; this is the older variety label from the 1920's.

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