These Vintage Fruit Lug Box Labels are approximately 4 1/2 x 13 inches, and come
framed in copper and glass. They're complete and ready for wall hanging.
All items shown are in stock at this time.

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Locomotive Engineer Wine Grapes Print - Fresno California Train Label

LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEER Wine grapes, Thomas Mouradick, Fresno, California; Dramatic scene shows old steam train, diesel rushing at full speed past vineyards; engineer peeks out side window as man walks atop freight cars; Crocker Union, San Francisco.

Mums Ribier Grapes Print - Sanger California Label

MUMS Ribier grapes, Kawate and Sons, Sanger, California; golden, white and purple mum flower blooms; California Fruit Exchange, Blue Anchor; Crocker lithograph.

Nile Wine Grapes Desert Print - Sanger California Label

NILE Vineyards wine grapes, Minkler and Wahtoke, California; Erickson Brothers; Minkler and Sanger, California; Great Arabian Desert scene; illustrates Egyptian Pyramids, the Sphinx, date palms and two desert nomads in full and colorful native dress atop their camels; lithograph by Stecher Traung, San Francisco.

Rayo Emperor Grapes Print - Rayo California Label

RAYO Emperor Grapes, J. D. Martin, Rayo, Tulare County, California; P.O. Woodlake; Sun shines on vineyard; large bunch of blush colored grapes with leaf.

Poor Boy California Fruits Print - Visalia California Label

POOR BOY California Fruits, John Luisi, Visalia; Happy redheaded farm boy in red checkered shirt and bib overalls; wearing a well worn straw hat. A bamboo or cane fishing pole looks homemade.

Puggy Brand Fruits Print - USA Boxer Label

PUGGY Brand fruits, Produce of U.S.A., scrappy boxer pictured with ring nearby; pugilist.

Pursuit Airplane Print - Exeter California Label

PURSUIT, Exeter Fruit Association, Exeter, California; "CALEX"; Fighter Pilot in his World War II, WWII combat aircraft.

Queen's Choice Grapes Print - Stockton California Label

QUEEN'S CHOICE, Selected Quality Grapes, "Fit for a Queen", Michael Di Battista, Stockton, California; Nice looking lady dressed up in 1940's style with pearl necklace and earrings; Large bunch of purple grapes and leaves.

Racetrack Tokay Grapes Print - Lodi California Label

RACETRACK Flame Tokay Grapes, Features Lucky Horseshoe as frame for wine grapes; Large racetrack with race horses, 1950's era race cars, lots of people in the stands and an airplane seeming to buzz the track; W.G.Micke, Lodi, California, Louis Roesch litho., San Francisco.

Red Wagon Grapes Print - Reedley California Label

RED WAGON Grapes; Royal Valley Fruit Growers Association, Reedley, California; Happy young boy races past in his brand new wagon which is loaded with large bunches of wine grapes; Great blue stripped T-shirt, green shorts and matching blue tennis shoes.

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