These Vintage Fruit Lug Box Labels are approximately 4 1/2 x 13 inches, and come
framed in copper and glass. They're complete and ready for wall hanging.
All items shown are in stock at this time.

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Beaver Grapes Print - Victor California Label

BEAVER Grapes, Victor Fruit Growers, Victor, California; Full sized beaver in his natural habitat; Purple grapes on arbor form artistic background; older variety of this label.

Blue Flag Wine Grapes Print - San Francisco California Label

BLUE FLAG Lodi Flame Tokay wine grapes; Earl Fruit Company, San Francisco - early trade mark; "pat. display lug U. S. Pat. 1.160.681 - 11-16-15 ; Deep Blue flag on golden pole; Schmidt litho. Co. S.F.

Bob White Apples Bird Print - Stewartstown Pennsylvania Label

BOB WHITE York County Apples, Anderson Fruit Farms, Stewartstown, Pa.; real photo of the bird.

Bocce Ball Zinfandel Grapes Print - Lodi California Label

BOCCE California zinfandel wine grapes; C. Mondavi and Sons, Lodi, California; three Italian men play bocce ball while wearing traditional garb; nearby table is set with half gallon raffia covered wine bottle, salami, cheese, bread and three glasses filled to the brim with Chianti;

Borrego Desert Grapes Print - San Francisco California Label

BORREGO Desert, DiGiorgio Fruit Corporation, San Francisco; features two varieties of wine grapes; The Borrego desert is in far Southern California near the Mexican Border.

Buxom Melons Print - Arizona and California Label

BUXOM MELONS, F. H. Hogue, Yuma, Arizona and Firebaugh, California; shapely red headed young lady wears only straw hat and bib overalls; it looks as though the overalls are coming off, which leaves only the straw hat; Stecher Traung, San Francisco.   "SOLD OUT"

California Fruit Exchange Print - Loomis California Label

CALIFORNIA FRUIT EXCHANGE, Loomis, California; Beautiful early rendering of red grapes, purple grapes, nectarines, a peach and a pear fill the entire work of art; Lithograph in U.S.A., Western Litho., Los Angeles.

Calimaid Emperor Grapes Print - Exeter California Label

CALIMAID Emperors, D.W. Botkin, Exeter, California; proud 1920's couple shows off their wooden box full of bunches of grapes; their image is repeated on the box label; California Fruit Exchange, Blue Anchor.

Centerpiece Grapes Print - Delano California Label

CENTERPIECE California Grapes; Wine grapes displayed in an elegant silver goblet; from the famous Schenley vineyards at Delano; Setrakian and co., San Francisco.

Cinderella Grapes Print - Beverly Hills California Label

CINDERELLA Girdled Thompson Seedless Grapes, Coachella Valley; The Schuman Co., Beverly Hills, California; Cinderella dressed for the ball in fancy jewel encrusted gown with roses takes the opportunity to display a large bunch of wine grapes; full moon in the background; Western Lithograph Co., Los Angeles.

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