These Vintage Fruit Lug Box Labels are approximately 4 1/2 x 13 inches, and come
framed in copper and glass. They're complete and ready for wall hanging.
All items shown are in stock at this time.

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Barbara Lee Grapes Print - Arizona and California Label

BARBARA LEE, Thompson Seedless grapes, James Macchiaroli Fruit Co., Higley, Arizona; Lodi, California; pictures light green table grapes and purple wine grapes; Louis Roesch Litho. Co., San Francisco.

Black Bear Zinfandel Grapes Print - Victor California Label

BLACK BEAR Zinfandel black juice grapes, Northern California Fruit Co., Victor; Very happy bear leans into his job of operating a wine press filled to overflowing with purple wine grapes; Juice runs down the sides of the old wooden juicer.

Black Joe Grapes Print - Lodi California Label

BLACK JOE Juice grapes, Ed Kurtz, Lodi, California; older African American gentleman smiles about his quality produce; Maybe he makes a little wine too!

Carnation Grapes Print - Fresno California Label

CARNATION Muscat Grapes, California Fruits, Hopper Quality, Lucerne Vineyard wine grapes, Kings County; M.D. Hopper, Fresno; Produce of U.S.A.; four different colors of carnation flowers and stems; Stecher Traung Lithograph, San Francisco.

Casselman Plums Print - Visalia California Label

CASSELMAN PLUMS, Vincent D. Burkdoll, 15389 Avenue 288, Visalia, California Mission faces orchard at sunrise; colorful flowers adorn mission front.

Comacho Sombrero Print - Madera California Label

COMACHO, Lloyd H. Diebert, Madera, California; Mexican in Pancho Villa style sombrero reclines against a brick wall, cup sits nearby with a fresh pineapple in reserve, beautiful multi colored serape accents the scene; Louis Roesch litho., San Francisco.

Lazy B Vineyard Bee Print - Thermal California Label

LAZY B Vineyard, Perlette grapes, R.B. Blackburn, R. F. D. Thermal, California; bee bug wearing a sombrero takes a siesta; yellow background; Schmidt Litho., Los Angeles.

Lazy B Vineyard Grapes Print - Thermal California Label

LAZY B Vineyard, Girdled Thompson Seedless Grapes, R. W. Blackburn and Sons, R. F. D. Thermal, California; bee bug wearing a sombrero takes a siesta; black background.

Pheasant Bird Print - Visalia California Label

PHEASANT Brand, Nash - DeCamp Co., Visalia, California; colorful rooster pheasant blends into the grasses and shrubs; Produce of U.S.A.

Pacific Pride Emperors Print - San Francisco California Label

PACIFIC PRIDE Emperors, Pacific Fruit Exchange, "football" logo, passenger cruise liner with straight stacks and sharp bow enters the Golden Gate; bridge in distance and setting sun. Owner has mentioned that this "setting sun" looked too much like a "rising sun" and was changed during WWII; exceptional color and detail; Early grape label; San Francisco, California.

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