These Vintage Fruit Lug Box Labels are approximately 4 1/2 x 13 inches, and come
framed in copper and glass. They're complete and ready for wall hanging.
All items shown are in stock at this time.

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Texus Tomatoes Cowboy Print - Weslaco Texas Label

TEXUS Tomatoes, J.S. McManus Produce Co., Weslaco, Texas, U.S.A.; big blue eyed Texas Cowboy decked out in his ten gallon hat.

Valley King Vegetables Print - San Francisco California Label

VALLEY KING Vegetables, Half Moon Fruit and Produce Company, Half Moon Bay, California; Main Office, San Francisco; four bright red tomatoes eyed by a wary elk, wapiti, buck deer or large mouse.

Fantasia Fruits Print - Fresno California Label

FANTASIA California Quality Fruits, Tri-Boro Fruit Co., Fresno; Large woven basket spilling over with luscious fruits including two varieties of wine grapes, cut cantaloupe, cut peach, purple plum and nectarine. Beautiful Flamenco dancer in high heeled red shoes and colorful dress shows off her charms.

Old Timer Fruits and Vegetables Print - Tracy California Label

OLD TIMER California Fruits and Vegetables, Cochran Co., Tracy; Loaded down pack mule seems resigned to the trip; shovel, frying pan, bed rolls and numerous wooden boxes are roped to his back; Crocker Lithograph.

Blue Hound Print - Reedley California Label

BLUE HOUND, T. Apkarian and Sons, Reedly, California; Greyhound chases rabbit across detailed farm scene; Stecher Traung Lithograph, San Francisco; Gray hound, Whippet.

Lake Home Print - Lodi California Label

LAKE HOME Mason Fruit Company, Lodi, California; border of grapes and plums encloses lakeside scene with large two story house; Schmidt Litho., San Francisco.

Out West Emperors Grapes Print - Reedley California Label

OUT WEST Emperors, Reedley Grape Growers, wine grapes, Reedley, California; Cowboy throws out his lasso while pulling back on the reins of his trusty horse; full Wild West ensemble including red scarf, vest, bolo tie, cartridge belt, rifle and chaps; hat is apparently gone with the wind; A. Carlisle and Co. Lithograph.

Small Black Alicante Print - Victor California Label

SMALL BLACK Alicante, Victor Fruit Growers, Victor, California; little naked African American baby sits on green grass; multi-colored grape arbor drips with luscious bunches of purple wine grapes; The term "small black" referred to a particular commercial grape thus resulting in much astoundingly brilliant humor by California's farmers.

Sun Disk Print - Los Angeles California Label

SUN DISK, American Produce Co., Los Angeles, California; American Indian feathered totem, two rattlesnakes protect their orange fruit; Louis Roesch Co.

Swallow Bird Print - Woodlake California Label

SWALLOW, Redbanks Packing Co., 34825 Road 192, Woodlake, California; bird swoops over orchard scene.

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