These Vintage Fruit Lug Box Labels are approximately 4x11 inches, and come
framed in copper and glass. They're complete and ready for wall hanging.
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Foot High Melons Print - Arizona and California Label

FOOT HIGH Melons, F.H. Hogue, Yuma Arizona and Firebaugh, California Sexy young woman in a provocative pose, check out the red lipstick and fingernail polish Stecher traung, San Francisco.

Blushing Melons Print - Arizona and California Label

BLUSHING MELONS, F.H. Hogue, Yuma, Arizona and Firebaugh, California 1940's beach scene with beach umbrella…Oh, didn't notice at first; there's a lovely, long legged blond woman wearing yellow 40's style shoes and a matching robe which has been blown forward by the sea breeze exposing a bit of her left breast and her black lace panties.

Patricia Prickly Pears Print - San Jose California Label

PATRICIA Prickly Pears, cactus fruit label, "ready to serve fresh as a salad or desert, also makes good jelly and jam", A wholesome and delightful fruit from sunny California, "High in essential vitamines" (vitamins) Santa Clara Valley Fruit and Produce, San Jose Features cut open fruit and directions to prepare; Egyptian girl in elaborate golden head dress with feather plume smiles demurely.

Patricia Apricots Print - San Jose California Label

PATRICIA Apricots, Santa Clara Valley Fruit and Produce Co., San Jose, California, The Union Litho. Co., inc., San Francisco; Stone Lithograph of three plump apricots with stem and leaves.

Oregon Trail Cherries Print - La Grande Oregon Label

OREGON TRAIL Cherries, Pumpkin Ridge Co-op, La Grande, Oregon, U.S.A. Covered Wagon with Mother and Daughter, Father on horseback holds rifle, Mountain and pine trees, oxen. Lots of gilt, Schmidt Litho, Portland.

Cove Cherries Print - Cove Oregon Label

COVE Cherries, Cove Cooperative Cherry Growers, Cove, Oregon; R.D. Monahan, Freewater, Oregon, Large Cherries, leaves and stem; Schmidt Litho., Portland.

Victoria Grapefruit Sunkist Print - Riverside California Label

VICTORIA Marsh Seedless Grapefruit, Sunkist, Arlington Heights, Victoria Avenue Citrus Assn., Riverside, California; Fancy Victorian style lettering, Large wrapped fruit, Schmidt Litho., Co., Los Angeles.

Good Morning Cantaloupes Rooster Print - Delano California Label

GOOD MORNING Cantaloupes, A. Shrier and Sons Co., Delano, California; Large Red Rooster salutes the morning sun, Louis Roesch Co., Litho. San Francisco.

Red Mule Print - Exeter California Label

RED MULE, Produce of U.S.A.; Blue Goose, Exeter Packers, Exeter, California; Large full image of a red mule kicking into the air.

Choosy Yuma Melons Print - Somerton Arizona Label

CHOOSY Yuma Melons, McDaniel and Sons, Somerton, Arizona; jade vase with dogwood flowers, Cut fruit on decorated plate and farm scene background; Stecher-Traung, San Francisco, California.

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