These Vintage Fruit Lug Box Labels are approximately 4x11 inches, and come
framed in copper and glass. They're complete and ready for wall hanging.
All items shown are in stock at this time.

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Admiral Print - Salinas California Label
ADMIRAL The old Navy Officer himself with
a chest full of military medals and with his
trusty sword. Arizona and California

Blue Jack Rabbit Print - Arizona and California Label
BLUE JACK Running Jack Rabbit from
Arizona and Brawley, California. Jack
Brothers and McBurney

Bishop's Avocados Print - La Habra California Label
BISHOP'S Avocados from
La Habra, California

Golden Hours Avocados Print - Vista California Label
GOLDEN HOURS Avocados, Vista,
California, packed by Bob Elsinger.
Pictures a pretty little girl with golden
locks buying an avocado from her
playmate at his grocery store.

Best Buy Avocados Print - Vista California Label
BEST BUY Avocados, Vista,
California, features a salad on
a Vernon Ware plate.

Lazy Peon Avocados Print - Vista California Label
LAZY PEON Avocados, Cal-Royal Co.,
Vista, California; Peon taking a siesta
under his giant sombrero. Cactus and
South Western Villa

Husky Dog Print - Modesto California Snow Label
HUSKY Icy snow scene with realistic
Husky dog, Jackson and Bearden,
Modesto, California

Felixo Avocados Print - Oakland California Label
FELIXO Avocados, rakish fellow in
Mexican sombrero, Felix Cohen Co.,
Oakland, California

Leilani Avocados Print - Los Angeles California Label
LEILANI California Avocados,
J. Hellman, Los Angeles, salad
on Vernon Ware plate.

Gem of the Mountains Colorado Peaches Print - Paonia Colorado Label
Colorado Peaches from Paonia;
The Swanson Fruit Farm

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